power of money is a social problem

The Power of Money is Evil!

“I think that money is the root of all evil. I’ve seen it happen.” – Kato Kaelin

Weekend in Kiev

A beautiful morning is here today in Kyiv. It is Saturday, and this means that there is no traffic in the city center and thousands of tourists, families, friends, and couples can enjoy exploring old streets and buildings, parks and squares, monuments and other local cultural sites. But not me. I became obsesed with thougts about the power of money.

in the city center of Kyiv, Ukraine. Writing article about power of money
Kyiv city center during the weekend

I am sitting on my balcony and listen to the chatter of visitors of the local boozer located just beneath my apartment. They are five or six, can’t understand because of their very intense discussion. For a moment, I put my tea aside and start listening to their conversation in order to understand what made them so upset at 10 in the morning.

One of the guys was saying that the war with Russia is artificial for the Ukrainian government to do their personal business. Another guy was arguing that the war should have stopped a long time ago. The lady with a low bass voice added that the newly elected president would solve all Ukrainian problems and make the county a nice place to live I started to analyze the conversation and realized that money is the major reason for all problems, not only in Ukraine but in the entire world.

Power of money or money and power

You would definitely ask: “What the power of money has to do with all this?” and I am ready to answer. Money comes along with power, and power comes along with money. On a daily basis, large corporations feed You with the so-called “news” through their media outlets. Meanwhile, “pocket politicians” (purchased by the same companies and corporations) continue to advocate major laws and policies which would guarantee the tax deduction for those corporations and increase the market value of their assets.

Everything is done for the revenue, as it became the number one target of any company. You would ask: “So what is wrong with that now?” And I would answer that there is nothing wrong at all. It’s just the fact that a couple of CEOs from the US or Europe are more precious than millions of people living and dying from hunger in the Middle East or Africa. Of course, they (CEOs) worked hard to achieve success and make their companies matter on the market.

And of course, they contribute to the prosperity of their countries, due to the significant boost of the economy, and well-being of the population. So if access to oil and gas is needed for those corporations, governments will do anything to satisfy the request. They can even start the war and media outlets will be ordered to depict the reasoning for this war as the war on terrorism or other crap.

For one politician it is enough to vote for a bill to pass, and he or she can continue to enjoy Saturday morning with his or her family on a beautiful yacht, purchased on the donated from CEO’s money. The power of money is crucial! And there is nothing wrong, the world works like this these days, and there is nothing one can do about it, but discuss it on the internet in blogs (like I do now) or in social media. Great job!

Clients and humans

On Monday, everything would return back to normal. CEOs would be thinking of robotizing their production in order to have fewer people to pay and conducting the research to understand the mind of customers and sell them more of their garbage.

Meanwhile, people like most of you would be waking up early in the morning to catch the train or bus to work. Then a long working day, a couple of annoying colleagues from another department, and your boss would take all Your energy. And then on the way back home, you will be thinking only about seeing your family and having a cozy and warm bath which would take all the troubles far away. Once at home, You would eat foods promoted on social media, use slippers and towels with the name of the brand written on them, and play with your children with toys of another famous cheap brand.

Then you would seat in front of the TV, open the bottle of beer (You chose this brand cause there were half-naked ladies in the commercial, but of course, you would never tell about this to your wife), and admire how soldiers of your country die saving principles of democracy in one of the Middle East countries while fighting those bastards who dared to promote international terrorism.

On the weekend, you would be so happy to take your family out to the mall for some shopping, as on Friday you got the paycheck. And even though it’s just a couple of thousands of dollars, Euro, or Hryvna (Ukrainian currency), you would be happy to buy your son or daughter a new cell phone or a tablet, buy your wife a pair of brand new shoes, or satisfy yourself with the purchase of new fishing gear. You would not care about some politicians being involved in the business of corporations and their obsession with money. You would simply have not even one spare minute to think about the power of money.

In the meantime, “they” would continue to live in their world and do their staff while considering you as a client (a fancy new word used for human-beings with money) who suppose to give them back all the money earned with hard work through the purchase of their products.

To wrap it up

By the time I finished writing this post, all the visitors of the local boozer have departed. I was left alone with my thoughts. I don’t think there are bad or good people. There are humans, and not clients, who deserve to be happy in another way than just dreaming of spending time with their families on the weekend without making unnecessary purchases and being obliged to do so because of the fear of being stigmatized by the rest of society.

Politicians and CEOs are not bad; they just have become blind with the power of money, or money power. I am confused now. Anyway, you all watched the Lord of the Rings and saw how one piece of jewelry could influence the development of obsessions and personality destruction.

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