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How to become stupid in 21 days?

“No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity.” – P.J. O’Rourke.


It seems like a very confusing title for the article “how to become stupid in 21 days.” Typically, bloggers would encourage people to become smarter and write SEO boosting articles with the title like “How to become smarter.” But I know that all of my readers are already smart since they decided to read my blog. So I decided to be creative and in an entertaining manner write this article.

How to become stupid in 21 days article
Stupidity is everywhere!

You would probably ask: “Why 21 days?” Let me explain. You see, my girlfriend used to believe that it takes precisely this number of days to make a habit. It is challenging to make a new habit. You must be persistent and do the same thing for a specific period to succeed. And becoming stupid is not an easy task, even though you may think so.

Another question that will arise in your smart brain is, “Why to become stupid at all?” But I am sure that if you stop reading at this point, put your phone or laptop on the side, go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and think over the answer for ten minutes, you would find the answer. So, did you try to follow my advice? Are you ready to see the answer? I know that you did not go to the kitchen and you did not stop reading because you are thirsty for information. I am just going to continue and share the answer.

And the answer is: “You don’t want to be a black sheep in the herd called society.” The modern trend today is to be stupid. Moreover, billions of people around the globe are already following this trend. Without any additional efforts, they succeeded in becoming dumber than their predecessors from the previous century. The recent study provided evidence pointing out that early 1970s heralded the beginning of the “era of stupidity.”

Before 1970, the so-called Flynn effect took place. This effect started at the dawn of the 20th century, and it represented a significant increase in IQ points in many individuals. The Second Industrial Revolution, technological progress, and development of the education system contributed to this effect. But everything changed drastically after 1970 and every next generation born after this year turned out to be around seven IQ points dumber. And with each new generation, the average IQ of individuals is getting lower and lower.

And finally, you would ask: “How is the article ‘How to become stupid in 21 days’ related to social problems?” I will answer succinctly. Every human being is responsible for making vital decisions every day. The decisions that vary from affecting only some individuals to changing societies and the future of the planet. Some of these decisions, like throwing garbage everywhere and smoking in public places, may look medium-disturbing. On the other hand, some of the decisions, like voting, can define the future of the nation.

Use the Internet and social media

Here I start with the first advice on how to become stupid in 21 days. If you are willing to devote yourself to the new habit, you must use the Internet and social media. It should not be difficult as everyone uses the Internet. Even though scientists struggle to understand what factors contribute to the promotion of stupidity among populations, I believe that the use of the Internet is one of these factors.

However, there are many insightful and meaningful sources of information, and you should never read them. They will make you smarter. Be careful! Instead, you should watch funny videos on Youtube, check profiles of people you don’t know on Facebook, and like pictures of their breakfasts or lunches on Instagram. Then go on Twitter, like pictures of dying people, write sympathy comments, and start feeling better about yourself.

Use only simplified language

Since you use the Internet already and write messages or comments on social media, you definitely must utilize simplified language. If you use sophisticated words and complicated grammar, many people will not comprehend the meaning of your sentences.

Therefore, instead of asking your friend how is he or she doing or how his or her day was, you can simply write “sup.” Instead of writing the comment under the picture: “Fascinating and amusing photo,” you should simply write “lol.”

And you must never ever write long and informative posts when you use the Internet or social media. This will cause you only frustration due to the neglect of a particular community. Dumb people do not like to read long posts or articles, and they will ignore your message. Just keep it short with short words or what is even better – post only pictures. And remember – simplified language is the key to becoming dumber.

Watch TV more often

I think that most of you, like myself, already know about the beneficial impact of TV on the promotion of stupidity. And pardon my analytical skills, but isn’t the early 1970s signified the beginning of the TV era? I might be wrong here, but I believe that the screen has a hypnotizing power to keep you addicted.

The cinema industry has been prosperous for almost a century now. Movies have become a drug for millions of people. It is always fascinating to watch something mind-blowing to keep yourself distracted from the routine. It is relaxing, especially after a day of hard work. TV disables your concentration and memory, and it lets you drown in its net of distraction. So if you take my advice seriously, you should watch TV more often.

Do not engage in reading books

So if you decided to spend more time in front of the TV screen, you would then have less time for reading books. Which is excellent in terms of the notion “how to become stupid in 21 days.”

I mean, you can read the books of authors of modern classics like Paulo Coelho or Bernard Werber. They will tell you about many things that already exist and interpret them as a philosophy of life. So you can read them. Their masterpieces would even enhance the process of stupidification.

But you must never read the books of classics from previous centuries like Erich Maria Remarque, Irwin Shaw, or Ernest Hemingway. Their masterpieces are for smart people only. Therefore, remember these names and if someone suggests you to read them during the 21 days while you are taking the new habit, send them to hell.

Eat unhealthy foods

The following advice will be about the food. The new study provided some interesting facts about the high-fat diet and how it is associated with emotional and cognitive dysfunction in individuals, especially in children. This means that processed foods, including fast food and smoked ham, which some of you may like (not me for sure), can significantly influence the process of stupidification. Scientists have also discovered that sweetened drinks contribute to weight gain, which results in poor executive functions and cognition.

Therefore, for 21 days and even longer, you should continue eating trash food and drinking sweetened drinks. Remember to avoid eating fruits and vegetables because this can make you smarter, and we do not want that. And remember to drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi at least once a day so it can make you fatter and stupider.

No physical activity

In order to explain the importance of this advice, I am providing a quote from another scholarly article:

“The evidence that has been accumulated over the past two decades has shown that higher levels of physical activity behavior in children and adolescents are related to increases in cognitive function and academic performance, while more sedentary behavior has been shown to exert the opposite effect.”

If you were able to translate this quote in English, don’t be happy! You are still smart and you have to start making the new habit immediately. Sedentary lifestyle, and better in front of the TV or computer, is another key to becoming very stupid. Physical activity and even small exercises can enhance your cognitive development. And we do not need that.

So, how to become stupid in 21 days?

If you are still interested in how to become stupid in 21 days, and you read my article, you should start making a new habit right away. So, remember to invest a little time and effort, and you will definitely succeed. I believe in you as the rest of society. Who cares about social problems? Who cares about the world?

You probably already familiar with some of the pieces of advice and heard about their positive effect on the promotion of stupidity. But now you know more. And with this knowledge, you can become the same as everyone around you. You can be the same as billions who followed the new trend. No need to be a black sheep who does not use the Internet, get involved in reading books, do not use simplified language, do not watch TV, eat healthy foods, and perform physical activity.

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  1. I did previously adore this blog. Thx, For certain I will make an attempt to look with greater regularity.

  2. Sry! No can do. TMI… ! 😀

    Genius! Brilliant post, Andrii! 🙂
    Instead of criticizing us – and thus pushing us away – you make fun of us! And the great thing is – we are too stupid to know it! Heh! 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. To become stupid, I probably need to stay away from this blog. 😉
    My curiosity paid off this time. Thanks for the entertaining post.

  5. Watching TV often and using social media compulsively can definitely make you less smart (and I’d say it only takes like 1 day LOL).

    – aimlief

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