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“If humanity is in misery, it may not be my fault, but if I die leaving humanity with the same amount of misery, then it is my fault.” – Abhijit Naskar

Watch this video in which modern society and its current issues are exhibited through cartoon art...

Andrii Dolinskyi

Andrii Dolinskyi

Hi everyone! And welcome to my website 🙂 This is a personal blog about social problems. I discuss different issues in society that bother me the most. There is no call for action, and I do to intend to change your mind. No. My blog is just a collection of observational evidence collected by me throughout my short lifetime. I believe that humanity is deteriorating on a daily basis. Technological progress and rapid evolution gifted us with commodities which improved the quality of our lives. And along with the development, our lifestyles, behaviors, and emotions changed as well. And that is what I intend to discuss.

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